Rimlig Träning, founded by influencer Vanja Wikström and personal trainer profile Robert Svensson, signs an agreement with Twiik for its own Fitness app based on Twiik's enterprise platform. In the app, they will gather inspirers with a focus on great workouts that fit into a hectic everyday life.

The market for online workouts grew strongly during the pandemic and is now a billion-dollar industry and an established part of everyday business for many coaches and gyms.

Twiik has positioned itself as both a marketplace for distributing online workouts, but also as one of the market's strongest technology platforms for fitness creators and operators who want to take the next step and launch a fitnessapp of their own. Since the launch of Twiik Enterprise in 2020, the company has gained customers such as Actic, Friskis & Svettis Riks as well as renowned workout concepts such as 16 Weeks of Hell and corporate wellness leader Twitch. But also other players who want to deliver online workouts and communities to their customers, such as insurance companies.

Now the company signs an agreement with Rimlig Träning, an online fitness concept that is based on good workouts that fits into people's busy everyday lives. Rimlig Träning was founded by Vanja Wikström, one of Sweden's most prominent family bloggers and influencers, and personal trainer Robert Svensson, who, among other things, is behind the gym concept Ground 50.

Vanja Wikström is an unusual fitness influencer. During her adult life, she has rather avoided working out than devoted herself to it. After two pregnancies, the motivation to build a strong body grew strong – at the same time that everyday life as a parent of small children and being self-employed brought challenges. Together with Robert, the concept Rimlig Träning was created in 2020 with the goal of making good workouts simple and easily accessible. The base is programs that can be carried out at home, completely without equipment.

"Actually, it is completely unreasonable that I would start a fitness concept, but we quickly realized that I was not alone in my need. And we quickly saw that it worked, Rimlig Träning is the only fitness program that has ever made me workout for more than three weeks straight!” says Vanja Wikström.

Rimlig Träning is already available on the Twiik marketplace and has used Twiik's online training app to coach its customers. Since the start, they have helped thousands of customers to get in better shape. Now they are gearing up and planning to release their own fitness and community app.

“We have found a method that is very scalable. Now we are gearing up together with Twiik's technology platform and plan to add more inspirers like myself. The target group is those who – like me – don't really enjoy working out but still feel they want to make an effort for their body. The trainers are influencers who – also like me – are not training profiles. Rimlig Träning is workouts you can simply relate to," continues Vanja.

The app is adapted for Rimlig Träning's product and gets, among other things, expanded community features. An own customized app is a natural next step for trainers and gyms who have built up their method and concept and are facing expansion. The fact that Twiik and Rimlig Träning already have an established collaboration means a strength when they now switch gears.

“Twiik's goal is to make a real difference in people's lives and health by accelerating strong fitness concepts using smart technology. Rimlig Träning has a strong product with great potential for continued growth. We have been very impressed by their drive and determination right from the very start. Their expansion plans are very interesting and will be exciting to follow," says Anders Gran, CEO at Twiik.

For Twiik, the agreement means continued growth in the enterprise segment, both through license income and revenue sharing, and is in line with Twiik's strategy to strengthen its position as a technical leader in online fitness.

"We see continued strong interest in our enterprise products – both among larger players and health and fitness concepts driven by health influencers and entrepreneurs. The project means further proof of our position and that we are progressing on our important journey," concludes Anders Gran, CEO at Twiik.

The Rimlig Träning app is planned for release during the fall.