Twiik to launch two new online fitness products

Following its updated strategy with an increased focus on offering engaging digital fitness experiences, Twiik will launch two completely new digital products during 2023 – the on-demand fitness subscription Twiik Premium and the digital bootcamp 100 Days. The products will extend Twiik’s existing product range that today consists of the corporate wellness challenge TeamBoost, a product sold directly by Twiik as well as by fitness operators and corporate wellness providers as an integral part of their offering.

Twiik's technology platform and ecosystem for online training are used by thousands of active people on a daily basis, either through the various fitness apps connected to Twiik's platform or through Twiik's own app.

As part of the company's updated strategy, Twiik increases its focus on content-based wellness services, with the existing digital corporate wellness challenge TeamBoost as a role model. TeamBoost has already activated thousands of employees in Sweden and is sold both directly to companies and through fitness operators and corporate wellness providers that can integrate the product into their online offerings.

Twiik is now expanding its portfolio of content-based digital products with two more concepts – the on-demand fitness subscription Twiik Premium and the digital bootcamp 100 Days (

"We see a positive development in our corporate wellness challenge TeamBoost and also see great potential in expanding the portfolio with additional exciting and scalable concepts based on our technology platform," says Anders Gran, CEO at Twiik.

Twiik Premium contains more than a hundred online workouts and plans produced both by Twiik and through collaborations with selected trainers. Hence the content of the subscription will be more curated than the existing open Twiik marketplace.

The subscription is aimed both directly at consumers and at corporations and can, as an example, be combined with TeamBoost which then would enable a recurring revenue for this as opposed to today’s model. In addition, gyms, trainers and corporate wellness providers can also offer Twiik's content to their customers in order to be able to launch a digital offer in a shorter time and with less investment needed.

The 100 Days digital bootcamp is based on a proprietary method developed with inspiration from the latest science and includes both workout- and nutrition plans.

Twiik has appointed a dedicated team that works with the concept both in terms of content and technology development. The team includes key competencies in both training and nutrition. The goal is partly to create a successful training concept and partly to further develop the platform's leading digital bootcamp format, with the use of new technologies such as AI. The development is expected to create positive effects for all creators who use Twiik's technology.

"We have one of the market's strongest formats for creating and monetizing online Bootcamps and have built up extensive experience with this type of product. We see great potential in developing a strong concept with great scalability very much like we did with TeamBoost. We are building for scale but at the same time creating a very personal experience for the individual participant. This way of working in turn develops the platform and the format itself." says Johan Axelsson, program manager for 100 Days.

100 Days is currently being tested internally at the same time as technology development is underway. Both method and platform development are progressing well. The goal is to launch at the end of the third or beginning of the fourth quarter.

The development of Twiik Premium is in its final phase and the objective is to launch it on a smaller scale during the second quarter with a target to scale up during quarters three and four.

Together with TeamBoost, Twiik Premium and 100 Days are important parts of Twiik's strategy going forward. Both as products directly for consumers and companies, but also as parts of Twiik's offer for trainers, gyms and corporate wellness providers.