Twiik launches a dedicated native mobile app for trainers. The app gives trainers and gyms new opportunities to easily coach and communicate with their clients – both on site and online. The app is fully integrated into Twiik's ecosystem and platform, allowing trainers and gyms to administer and control services provided in the same app they have for check-in, booking and member community management. The app is initially launched in a closed beta to selected coaches.

In the wake of the pandemic, our exercise habits changed in several ways. During the pandemic, digital training grew strongly and became established as a norm among both health care providers and consumers. As consumers increasingly return to facilities and studios, a hybrid behavior has emerged where digital coaching and inspiration are mixed with physical presence at the gym.

For Twiik, which works with both with individual trainers and large scale nordic fitness operators such as Actic and Friskis and Svettis where workouts take place both from home through the app, in gyms and studios as well as outdoors, the changes in consumer behavior have been expected.
"We saw early on that training is not either digital or on-site, but that today's consumer moves between both worlds – just like you do in retail" says Anders Gran, CEO of Twiik
"For us, it has been about working actively with our customers on how to capture the commercial opportunity with hybrid training and develop smart solutions for it," he continues.

Until now, trainers and gyms have worked in Twiik's web-based tool, something optimized for creating and administering digital training products and managing multiple trainers. Now Twiik opens up for trainers and gyms to run their digital business directly from the mobile phone. The first version of Twiik's coach app is focused on communication with the client and running digital or hybrid bootcamps and courses, which is most easily done from the mobile.

The app can be used to more efficiently give customers their training plan to follow on their mobile, for example after a Personal training session or introduction at the gym. The coach will also be able to communicate with individual clients, follow the development and activities of clients and manage digital courses and bootcamps, curate groups of users, lead digital courses, coach business groups. In this way, coaches and gyms can nurture and develop their community much more directly than before.

Twiik coach app is fully integrated into Twiik's ecosystem and platform. This allows trainers and gyms to administer and control services provided in the same app that they have for check-in, booking and member community. For the user, it will be easier to get their coaching and their programs in the same app as booking and check-in.

Over time, more creator features from the web tool will also be brought in and optimized for a mobile context.
"The majority of the needs of individual trainers and PTs can be met directly on the mobile – a mobile-first approach for the specific target group will eventually revolutionize the coaching profession for the trainers who either work with hybrid training or pure online training" says Alexander Cugler, Chief Product Architect at Twik.

Commercially, the coach app will mean a new entry-level product for individual trainers, but also a possible additional sale to wellness players at the enterprise level who want to equip their trainers with the coach app.
"For a large fitness operator with many trainers, there is a lot of time and money to be saved by streamlining communication between trainer and client, but above all, a good dialogue and a feeling of being seen creates an incredibly valuable loyalty, something that is very important to our customers" says Anders Gran
"Properly handled, the dialogue between an instructor and client makes all the difference in whether a member remains a member over time or not" he concludes.

The app, which is a native app, is being released in a closed beta and is being tested by selected trainers before a wider launch which is planned later in the quarter.