Twiik AB has signed an agreement with UK-based education company Excelsior Development Technology. The agreement aims to recruit UK-based trainers and coaches to Twiik's marketplace and online training tools. Initially, the pilot is to identify and activate a limited number of coaches, to prepare for a broader launch in the UK.

With over 20,000 personal trainers in the UK and the industry had over 600M GBP in revenue in 2021. The number of personal trainers is forecasted to grow by another 57,000 coaches between 2020-2029. Online fitness training is becoming an increasingly important part of a personal trainers' offering as consumer behavior changes.

Twiik is established in Sweden with a growing base of fitness creators, trainers, and gyms. The technology platform is ready for international expansion and Twiik's business solution is currently used in Germany and Norway, among other places.

As a natural step in growing the marketplace and the company's software-as-a-service business, Twiik has signed an agreement with Excelsior Development Technologies, a UK-based learning and development organisation, working with trainers, operators and manufacturers.

“The UK market has great potential, as it is diversifying and operators and trainers alike look to hybrid solutions for their customers. We already have British users today, however, now see an opportunity to effectively scale up with the help of a partner. Excelsior has a great understanding of the UK fitness landscape with an established network whether it’s trainers, operators or manufacturers", says Anders Gran, CEO of Twiik.

Excelsior Development Technologies has a wide network of coaches, gyms, and larger chains, including the likes of David Lloyd Leisure, as well as having worked with some of the worlds largest fitness manufacturers, such as Life Fitness.

“The Personal Trainer market in the UK is transforming and both trainers and consumers are seeking new opportunities. Twiik is a highly capable platform for enabling trainers to create their own online fitness propositions,” says Chris Rock, Managing Partner of Excelsior Development Technologies.

The agreement aims for Excelsior to recruit and activate a limited number of coaches from the British market, but also contains an option for expansion and extension.

“We will follow the development of this agreement closely and see great opportunities to expand the collaboration. In addition to recruiting British trainers there are many trainers who are already using Twiik who want to inspire outside of Sweden,” concludes Anders Gran.