Twiik has today signed an agreement with Stadium Group AB, Sweden's largest sports and sports fashion chain. The agreement means that all employees in the company will have access to Twiik Premium, digital training content and training community via the Twiik app.

Online fitness and digitally supported fitness, called hybrid fitness, is well established and continues to gain ground. The same trend can be seen in corporate wellness as more and more companies strive to activate their employees in a measurably, efficient and scalable way, particularly distributed workplaces and in corporations with so-called hybrid work, which has become increasingly common.

To meet the growing demand, Twiik has developed the digital wellness service Twiik Premium, which is part of Twiik Originals, the company's portfolio of content products. Twiik Premium gives the user access to hundreds of workouts and plans produced both by Twiik and by coaches the company collaborates with. The content catalog is continuously developed and contains a wide range of workouts and plans from home training sessions, to sessions focusing on mental health and office training.

Corporate customers, regardless of size, can now offer their employees Twiik Premium as part of their wellness and preventive health work at the workplace. Premium content can be packaged together with, for example, Twiik's corporate challenge Teamboost or the lifestyle test Check-up and together form a platform to easily and digitally execute health promotion measures and measure the results.

“We have completed several Teamboost challenges with really good results. Although most of our employees live an active life, over 70% of the participants felt that they became more motivated by the challenge," says Karl Eklöf, CEO at Stadium.

"Twiik Premium means that we can offer all our employees additional opportunities for wellness inspiration regardless of where they are. We practice what we preach! Karl Eklöf adds.

For Twiik, the deal means an important first step in the rollout of Twiik Premium for businesses. Several companies have already chosen to include Premium content in their Teamboost challenges, Stadium is the first to subscribe to Twiik Premium for employees.

"The collaboration with Stadium has been very successful to date with a high level of commitment from the employees. I am proud and happy to have them on board Twiik Premium" says Anders Gran, CEO at Twiik.

"Twiik Premium for companies is an important addition to our portfolio of digital wellness services for companies and their employees, and we look forward to following the effects the product has on our customers' employees’ health and productivity" Anders Gran concludes.

For more information about Twiik Premium for Business, reach out to