Twiik signs agreement with US-based From Me To You Movement – developing app for mental coaching

Twiik has signed an agreement with the US-based company From Me To You Movement for a mental coaching app focusing on personal development and mental health. The app is based on Twiik's enterprise platform, but adapted for the From Me To You Movement and will be launched towards a global market during Q2. The agreement consists of a license part for the platform together with a revenue share model.

In recent years, we have seen a global increase in mental illness. in 2022, the WHO released the World Mental Health Report – Transforming mental health for all – in which it was stated that many mental conditions can be treated effectively at a relatively low cost but that the gap between people who need care and those who have access to it is too great. Effective treatment coverage is extremely low.*

As the digitization of health-related services grows, the gap between need and access shrinks. There is an opportunity to accelerate the development of solutions to treat mental illness by applying innovative digital technology to existing methods and concepts. The US-based Swede Sussi Mattsson is behind the concept From Me To You Movement – a method based on a four-step process where the participant is allowed to write so-called letters of wisdom to herself as part of a method to process various traumas she has been through in life. The method helps the participant transform past traumas into lessons that can be used to empower the person in question.

The collaboration means that Twiik will develop a coaching app for personal development and mental health, where Twiik's enterprise platform is used and adapted for From me To You's business needs. As part of the collaboration, Twiik is also developing From Me You Movement's digital brand. The agreement consists of a monthly recurring license and a revenue share model for the sale of content through the app.

"Mental illness is a major problem worldwide with severe consequences for many. Sussi Mattsson has a powerful method and is strong voice in the industry. Twiik is excited to be a part of turning the tide of mental illness with the help of digital tools. The fact that the product is aimed at the US market is a milestone in itself for us," says Anders Gran, CEO Twiik.

Development of the app will begin immediately and the launch is planned for the second quarter of 2023.