Twiik releases major update to its app platform for online and hybrid fitness

Twiik has now released the last part in a series of updates that together constitute a major update to the company's app platform for digital and hybrid fitness workouts. This further helps trainers and gyms effectively offer their customers high-quality digital fitness services. The update goes by the name v5.5 and contains several major improvements. Key features such as Teamboost, the corporate wellness service as well as the user experience of the online coaching, and Twiik's format for online bootcamps have all been updated.

The market for digital fitness continues to grow, both in Sweden and internationally. Twiik already works with some of the biggest actors in the Scandinavian market such as Friskis & Svettis, Actic, Fitness 24 Seven and 16 Weeks of Hell. Twiik offers interactive, digital fitness experiences and a technology platform to distribute this – anytime, anywhere and in any way.

Twiik has now released the last of three parts in a major platform update. The update, which goes by the joint name v5.5, contains several upgrades both regarding new functions and improvements to the user experience.

”V5.5 is a release we have worked on for a long time with features that have been requested by both consumers and creators. It's one of our biggest updates to date. Several improvements have been made both in the architecture and in the user experience, which has sharpened both quality and scalability, while at the same time, we are laying an important foundation for future products," says Alexander Cugler, System Architect at Twiik.

Updates in selection

For end-customers:

  • New main navigation that simplifies the most important areas of use and prepares for future functionality.
  • New design and function for the corporate wellness challenge TeamBoost that makes it easier for the participants to find everything related to their challenge all in one place.
  • Updated view for coaching and bootcamps that further strengthens existing and coming content-based products.
  • New and improved workout statistics for the user make it possible to get a better overview of their workouts and development. It’s also been made possible to personalize what is shown.
  • Updated community features where notifications in groups have been improved.
  • Simplified handling of receipts for health care allowance.

For creators:

  • Expanded possibilities for creators to design their workouts and, for example, divide the workout into different blocks and name them.
  • Expanded possibilities for creators to choose which platforms a digital fitness product should be available on.
  • New possibilities for creators to make settings for digital fitness groups.
  • New improved chat between trainer & clients.
  • Improved text and media editing for creator content.  

Within the framework of v5.5 and the mobile apps, more than 100 new additions have been made. In parallel, Twiik's web platform and back-end are undergoing development and an update is planned for the first half of 2023.

Overall, Twiik continues to develop the platform with a focus on digital and interactive fitness experiences and services – both original concepts such as TeamBoost as well as concepts created by gyms, individual trainers and fitness concepts.

"Our long-term goal is to become the global leader in digital, interactive fitness experiences and our technology platform is already one of the most versatile on the market. Twiik is established in the Nordics with turnkey services and technology for gyms and creators to offer digital fitness and make money from it. With this release, we have taken another big step forward. I am extremely proud of the team that is working hard to make it happen.” Says Anders Gran, CEO at Twiik.

Twiik v5.5.4 is now available in Appstore and Google Play.