Twiik launches Twiik Premium – a subscription for online and hybrid training

Twiik has now launched Twiik Premium, a subscription that gives the user access to 100s of digital training sessions and ready-made training plans. The training subscription, which contains several different types of training, from high-intensity circuit training to Yoga and running, is created to suit both home training and training at the gym. The subscription combines inspirational fitness content, trainers, a workout journal with the user's aggregated training statistics and training buddies – all in one place.

Online fitness is being established in the traditional training industry. From having primarily been a support for those who workout at home, digital fitness content has become increasingly in demand also by those who regularly train at a gym.

According to a survey conducted in 2023 by the partner organization EuropeActive, 57% of those who exercise at home use digital aids, which means an increase of 11 percentage points compared to 2022. In the same survey, 37% of those who exercise in gyms indicated that they wanted digital on-demand – workouts.

Twiik delivers both technology and digital training experiences to gyms, trainers, businesses and consumers. The company has now launched its own fitness content subscription – Twiik Premium – which gives the user access to workout inspiration for all occasions and settings.

"Digital fitness is not about where it is performed, but about providing the right inspiration at the right time." says Anders Gran, CEO at Twiik.
"Thanks to the combination of good variety in the content and smart functions in the Twiik app, we meet the needs of a growing group of active people looking for inspiration – regardless of where they train," he continues.

What sets Twiik Premium apart from many other players in the field is its technical platform and its advanced functions for online training, online community, coaching and training statistics. Through the Twiik app, the user can both filter the content to find the right session and plan their training week and, for example, synchronize with the phone's calendar.

The Twiik app can also be connected to the market's most common watches and training apps, which means that, for example, running laps and steps are imported automatically. This gives users a total overview of their training progress right down to the exercise level. Detailed training data is increasingly in demand by those who train actively. According to EuropeActive's survey, more than half of all respondents wanted statistics on their training to be able to follow their progress over time.

This is something that the product team at Twiik took note of when developing Twiik Premium.

"With the launch of Twiik Premium, we are taking a big step towards making the Twiik app the user's center for training activities – says Alexander Cugler, product architect at Twiik. "We are creating a service that connects inspiring sessions, programs, PTs & coaches, integrations from other training services, training diary with your statistics and your training buddies gathered in one place" adds Alexander Cugler.

The launch represents an important step forward in the company's stated strategy, where Twiik Premium becomes an important product both directly to consumers and as part of the portfolio for companies that want to activate their employees. Twiik Premium is also integrated into Twiik's offer to Gyms and Trainers who want to be able to give their customers access to ready-made training content.

“Our work to become the best in the world at engaging digital training experiences continues. The launch of Twiik Premium is an important milestone on our way towards more content-based products and services for a growing target group.” Anders Gran concludes

Twiik Premium is launched together with version 6.0 of the Twiik app available for download on the Appstore and Google Play. The update includes several improvements in addition to Twiik Premium.

  • A new section in the app, Discover, where the user will find Twiik's Premium content with lots of training inspiration
  • New filter function that enables the user to easily filter passes by various characteristics such as pass type, length, degree of difficulty
  • Improved experience of coaching
  • Updates to the Teamboost corporate challenge
  • Improvements in the user's training diary where, among other things, the possibility of finding sessions further back in the history is introduced
  • Statistics of your daily form and detailed statistics of tests performed by the user
  • Stability and performance improvements

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