Twiik launches Campaigns – a new feature in Twiik Coach, the web-based tool that coaches and gyms use to create digital workout plans and distribute them online. Campaigns makes it easy to create unique marketing and sales landing pages, schedule them and track results. The launch is part of the ongoing major update of Twiik's tools for coaches and gyms.

Twiik is working on an extensive update of its web tool Twiik Coach, which is part of Twiik's technical platform for coaches and gyms. The tool makes it possible to create digital workout experiences and distribute them online. Through Twiik Coach, you can also distribute digital workout products created by Twiik, for example the corporate wellness challenge Twiik TeamBoost.

An important part of creating successful digital fitness services is being able to effectively attract new customers and generate new leads. This is typically done by using product-focused so-called landing pages that end customers find via social media or other channels. Twiik Coach already has a system that automatically creates landing pages for the online products created in the system. With the Launch of Twiik Campaigns, it is now possible to customize the landing pages to a greater degree and also use them as pure lead generators for virtually any product.

"The creator tool in Twiik Coach is one of the strongest on the market when it comes to ability to create engaging, interactive and social digital workout services. Making it even easier for coaches and gyms to reach more people is a constant challenge, where with Twiik Campaigns we have now taken a big step forward," says Anders Gran, CEO at Twiik.

Twiik Campaigns have been developed in close cooperation with customers and contain several features that make it easier for coaches and gyms to market different types of products and services. The interface is based on What you see is what you get, allowing creators to edit in real time and can easily test different designs.

A central part of the campaign tool is the page's Call-to-Action (CTA), what you want the customer to do on the campaign page. Twiik Campaigns supports various CTAs, for example linking to purchase flows and collecting contact information.

The tool also includes several elements that make it easy to manage both multiple campaigns and multiple creators. Among other things, it is possible to create several different templates with different styles and configurations that make it faster and easier to launch new campaigns. If there are many creators within the same company who should be able to create or manage campaigns, it is also possible to lock parts of the templates so that, for example, colors and fonts cannot be changed.

The campaign tool is launched as an option to other services in the platform and will shortly be made available through Twiik Coach. For early access or other questions, contact Twiik.