Twiik launches API for online fitness and strengthens its position as technical industry leader

Twiik strengthens its position as a technical leader in digital fitness technology when announcing an API for online fitness and workouts today. The API enables partners to develop their own online fitness services and include functionality from Twiik's technology platform. In addition, the API gives the developer the opportunity to connect to Twiik's growing network of trainers, gyms and offer or gain access to high-quality training content and coaching.

The market for online fitness is expanding and more people are working out online regularly. Online workouts act as both the primary form of workouts and as a complement to for example working out at the gym. The online fitness market is growing faster than before and a turnover of $80Bn by 2026 is projected, with an annual growth rate (CAGR) close to 50%. 

The increased popularity has led to more industry players wanting to offer workouts and wellness digitally. As a result, the demand for tools to digitize the fitness offer is increasing.

“We continue to see a great interest from all parts of the fitness industry, partly individual trainers and fitness influencers and partly large gym chains. Online fitness is no longer a niche product.”says Anders Gran, CEO of Twiik.

Thousands of fitness apps are launched annually – in 2020 alone, more than 70,000 fitness apps were launched globally. At the same time as the market grows and more players step in, the demands also increase on the digital services that are delivered to maintain a high standard.

“The threshold for launching a simple website with training sessions is shrinking – but creating a scalable service, managing payments, different business models and administering large amounts of customers, is something completely different. This often stops many great coaches and gyms from scaling up their online offering. ” says Anders Gran

The launch is an important step towards Twiik's mission to make great digital workouts available to more people by helping creators reach more – regardless of whether they are individual trainers, gyms or multisite operators.

With the Twiik Fitness API, we make it possible for trainers, gyms and other digital training services to create innovative services and at the same time have the opportunity to connect to our rapidly growing network of trainers and gyms. Using the API they will be able to focus all their resources on the parts that sets them apart from their competition.” Anders Gran continues 

The API means that Fitness creators – gyms, coaches and influencers – can use Twiik's technology for online fitness also in apps and websites they develop themselves. The API includes technology for publishing digital fitness content with support for different types of payment options, workout diary for users, social workout groups and challenges.

The launch also means that digital workout content created on Twiki's marketplace can be made available to more people when it is integrated into other services and platforms, something that means an opportunity for both producers and consumers.

“From Twiik's Coaching Tool, you can already publish digital fitness content on several sites, apps and websites. With the API, we raise the ambition and make it possible for players who already have a technical solution, app or website, but lack a strong system for creating and distributing high-quality digital workouts, or who want to offer ready-made content from coaches and concepts found in Twiik's ecosystem, ”says Alexander Cugler, Chief System Architect at Twiik.

Twiik’s API will be a part of the company’s growing SaaS license offering and is offered upon request from today by contacting Twiik at