Twiik has launched an update of the company's platform for digital workouts. Through the update, digital workout sessions that were previously performed through the Twiik app, or other apps based on Twiik's platform for digital workouts, can also be performed through browsers in Smart-TVs and on computers.

Online workouts continue to grow and is by now a natural part of active people's everyday lives. In 2021, almost three out of ten have worked out physically with the help of digital workout sessions according to the survey Svenskarna och Internet. Twiik sees a continued increase in workouts with the help of the company's platform for online workouts and coaching.

“Online workout sessions have become a natural part of people's workout routine. Both streamed workouts that you perform at home, and workouts you perform at the gym with digital instructions have increased,” says Anders Gran, CEO of Twiik.

Twiik's platform has previously been mainly focused on use via mobile apps, with opportunities for advanced circle workouts and intelligent logging of workout sessions. The update means that certain types of workouts can now also be experienced directly via the coaches’ or gym's websites.

“We want to make it easier for creators to spread their online workouts to a larger target group. The web solution becomes important as it gives gyms and trainers increased opportunities to create and sell online workouts that do not require downloading an app." continues Anders Gran.

The consumer can access the website via computers and tablets but also via Smart-TVs. This means that the practitioner can experience the workout sessions on a larger screen more easily than before, something that is increasingly in demand. Trainers and gyms do not have to change their content, all workouts of compatible formats can be made available via the system generated sales and landing pages.

“The update enables interesting opportunities for us to expand the range of services in our SaaS offering in the future. The web is a strong first point of contact with low thresholds for the user.” concludes Anders Gran.