Twiik and Edenred in collaboration for digital corporate wellness

Twiik AB has signed an agreement with the global benefits provider Edenred's Swedish branch Edenred Sweden AB. The agreement aims to make digital wellness services on Twiik available to everyone who has access to Edenred's wellness solutions. The agreement further strengthens Twiik's position as the leading digital marketplace and technical platform for coaches and gyms.

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to offer their employees attractive wellness services. At the same time, individuals are demanding more choices. According to data presented by Forbes, employee well-being is expected to be the most important factor in the workplace of the future.

Twiik's platform for digital training is used today by trainers and gyms to reach consumers directly and to deliver corporate wellness. These services include digital coaching, digital fitness and wellness plans, and activity challenges. In 2021, Twiik's sales of services in digital corporate wellness grew by almost 200% compared to the previous year.

Edenred is the world's largest provider of corporate benefits including corporate wellness. Their network includes 50 million end-users and 850,000 companies and institutions.

The collaboration between Twiik and Edenred Sweden AB means that the trainers and gyms that are connected to Twiik can sell digital training arrangements directly to anyone who, via their employer, has access to Edenred's wellness solution. Thus, the coaches and gyms can increase their reach and potential customer base.

“Our customers offer their employees benefits via Edenred in order to get healthier, happier, and more motivated employees. As today's employees are more mobile than ever, digital solutions have become increasingly important. This also applies to training. Twiik offers digital training options and a large selection of experienced trainers and gyms, and therefore feels like a perfect partner. We are pleased to now be able to offer all our customers and their employees the opportunity to train via Twiik and thereby offer a healthier life.” says Alf Reimers, Marketing & Innovation Director at Edenred Sweden.

“Corporate wellness is being digitized very quickly, at the same time there is often a gap between what is offered to employees and what is offered on the open market. Through the collaboration with Edenred, we bridge the gap and make good digital training available to more people! ” says Anders Gran, CEO of Twiik.

The collaboration initially covers Edenred's Swedish market.

“We are at the beginning of our growth journey when it comes to corporate wellness. We see great potential in the collaboration with Edenred and look forward to following how it develops,” concludes Anders Gran. 

Source: Forbes: There’s No Growth Without Health: Employee Wellbeing Is Non-Negotiable