Trygg-Hansa extends its enterprise agreement with Twiik, which means that Twiik delivers a Pregnancy and maternity workout app based on Twiik's platform and ecosystem for digital workouts. The app is aimed at both pregnant women and new mothers. Twiik provides both the app and its coaching tool, enabling Trygg-Hansa to coach and continuously develop its offering to its customers.

Maternity workouts are growing and more expectant and new mothers are getting help and inspiration from professional coaches.
As part of supporting its pregnancy insurance customers, Trygg-Hansa launched its app “Gravid- och mammaträning” in 2021, delivered by Twiik. The app consists of two parts; Pregnancy workouts and Maternity workouts and is developed especially for those who have Trygg-Hansa's pregnancy and child insurance.
In the app, the user receives help from Trygg-Hansa's training expert for pregnant and new mothers, Anna R. Landaeus. In addition to customized workout programs, it is possible to ask Anna for advice via the “Ask Anna” function. Users can also delve into different topics as the app offers knowledge-enhancing articles, movies, and sound clips. For example, they can find articles about workouts during pelvic-related pain, how the body is affected during pregnancy, how hard you can actually work out during your pregnancy, and how to get started after childbirth.

The app has been well received and has an average rating of 4 out of 5 on the Appstore.
Trygg-Hansa has together with Twiik developed the service during the past year and now it opens up for users who do not previously have insurance through the company. These in turn have the opportunity to take out relevant insurance.
“The app adds great value to new and existing customers and creates opportunities for us to build important relationships with expectant and new parents. Twiik's platform gives us the opportunity to focus on delivering knowledge and inspiration to our customers in an efficient and user-friendly way, ”says Alexandra Björnsson, Children's insurance expert at Trygg-Hansa.
The extension of the agreement shows the customer platform's benefit and also shows that the possible target group for Twiik's services is larger than the training industry itself.
“We are very proud of the collaboration – Trygg-Hansa shows the way through its way of working long-term with its customers and their health. For us, it is a confirmation of our SaaS strategy and the breadth of our market, ”says Anders Gran, CEO at Twiik.
The app “Gravid- och mammaträning” from Trygg-Hansa is available on the Appstore and Google Play.