Eleiko partners with Twiik for its corporate wellness solutions

Twiik AB has today signed an agreement with Eleiko AB, swedish supplier of strength training equipment and complete gym solutions. The agreement means Eleiko will use Twiik's digital fitness platform as part of their corporate service proposition. It also enables a potential collaboration on the consumer market.

An increasing number of businesses are providing their employees with on-site fitness opportunities, leading to growth in both physical facilities and digital services supporting it. With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing fitness equipment, Eleiko specializes in creating tailored, comprehensive training solutions for workplaces and fitness centers.

At Eleiko, there has been a noticeable surge in corporate interest over the past few years in providing customized workout spaces with fitness equipment for employees.

– We view workplace fitness setups as a valuable complement to traditional gyms, primarily to enhance access to exercise, says Johan Arnerlind, Country Manager for Sweden at Eleiko.

– One challenge we've encountered is guiding our clients' employees on how and what to train since there is often no resident instructor or personal trainer available. Through Twiik's solutions, we now have the opportunity to assist more people in starting their fitness journey, getting stronger, and improving their health, Johan continued.

The collaboration between Eleiko and Twiik means that Eleiko's corporate clients, through Twiik's platform, will receive tailored instructions and inspiration for Eleiko's training modules. Furthermore, companies will be offered engaging fitness challenges based on Twiik's corporate wellness challenge, Teamboost.

Part of the partnership also includes content exchange, where Eleiko will provide content from Twiik's recently launched training subscription, Twiik Premium, while Twiik will offer inspirational workout content from Eleiko as part of its offerings.

For Twiik, this agreement includes a smaller licensing fee and a variable revenue component based on the number of corporate challenges and subscriptions sold to Eleiko's clients' employees.

– I am delighted to enter into this kind of collaboration with Eleiko, a company that represents quality, expertise, and sustainability and holds an almost unique position within its field, says Marcus Lindskog, Business Developer at Twiik.

– For such a prominent player to choose Twiik as a partner to instruct and inspire its corporate clients in maximizing the use of their equipment is a fantastic endorsement of Twiik and our solutions," he continued.

The collaboration potentially spans across several of Twiik's product areas, offering strategic opportunities in the gym, corporate, and consumer markets.

– This agreement serves as both an acknowledgment of the platform's strength and as an expansion of our partner network for both our corporate wellness challenge Teamboost, and the digital training subscription, Twiik Premium. Together with Eleiko, we have the potential to create more thriving enterprises and consumers and make a real difference, says Anders Gran, CEO of Twiik.