Our story

The idea for Twiik came at a time of exponential growth in the availability of workout apps and services. This was also a time when there was a lot of the “right” sort of instructors available. However, establishing and maintaining healthy habits had never felt harder.
Along the way we’ve learned that the more you include a human element (and yes we mean real people) the better the result. At the same time, digital services have created the perfect conditions to easily reach whole new target groups. You might think this sounds like a paradox, but we believe that it’s not impossible! Take for example coaching, one of today’s most effective methods for positive, lasting behavioral change in a time of the digital sharing economy.

In other words, we combine the power of human inspiration with the effectiveness that technology provides. We develop Twiik continuously with a vision to create a platform that enables individuals, trainers and gyms to reach a broader public, while we create a sustainable business. A platform that supports every aspect of the health journey – from helping individuals reach their goals to guiding personal trainers, trainers and gyms when they take the step to become a digital business.

Work with us

Be a part of our team

At Twiik we are passionate about enabling more people to reach their full potential. This also includes the people who work here. We are a work in progress and we continuously develop and nurture an environment where we can make each other stronger, together. We have a lot of fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously.