Rimlig Träning's own fitness app based on Twiik's Enterprise platform is launched. The agreement was signed in the fall of 2022 and development of the app began in the fourth quarter. The app gathers influencers with a focus on workouts that fits into a hectic everyday life.

Online fitness as well as hybrid fitness, where digital tools and services extend physical meetings, continue to grow and the market is today a billion-dollar industry. By now, trainers and gyms in the industry see online workouts as a well-established element in people's workout habits.

Twiik is a marketplace for creating and distributing digital workout concepts and also has one of the market's strongest technology platforms for creators and gym chains who want to take the step toward being able to offer their customers a complete fitness service. Launched in 2020, Twiik Enterprise has enabled clients such as Actic, Friskis & Svettis Riks as well as fitness concepts such as 16 Weeks of Hell and corporate wellness Twitch to launch services via Twiik.

In the fall of 2022, an agreement was signed with Rimlig Träning, a digital workout concept based on workouts that fit into people's busy everyday lives. A concept the founders describe as “a community for all of us that doesn’t live for exercising”. The creators of Rimlig Träning are Vanja Wikström, one of Sweden's leading family bloggers and influencers, and the personal trainer Robert Svensson, who, among other things, is behind the fitness concept Ground 50.

”After spending half my life avoiding exercise, the body began to break down. Rimlig Träning is the only concept that got me to work out for more than two weeks straight. It's fast, efficient, easily accessible and the workouts are easy to understand. For the first time in my life, I exercise regularly – and have finally gotten rid of my back pain!” says Vanja Wikström.

Rimlig Träning has been available at Twiik Marketplace since 2019. With the launch of their own app, flexibility increases. The app is adapted to Rimlig Träning's needs and has, among other things, extended community functions. The fact that Rimlig Träning has long had an established collaboration with Twiik means a strength when they now launch their own app.

“This is going to be fun! There are many fitness apps, but we think a little differently. Our customers and "involuntary trainers" (our influencers) are people who don't like exercise. Some even hate exercise, but at the same time know what benefits there are if they just get a little physical activity. We want to help all those who actually do not manage to exercise regularly. Those who are not already invested.” says Robert Svensson.

The launch of the app means continued growth in the enterprise segment for Twiik. This aligns with Twiik's strategy to strengthen its position as a technical leader in online fitness.

“An exciting launch in many ways. Rimlig Träning has a good track record of digital workouts and a concept with an interesting approach targeting a very large audience. We look forward to being part of their continued journey when they now take the step to launch their own fitness app with Twiik!” says Anders Gran, CEO at Twiik.

Rimlig Träning is now available at App Store and Google Play.